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The Importance of Your First Chiropractic Visit

During your initial consultation with Dr. Armstead at Armstead Chiropractic, you can expect:

🗣️ Discussion of your concerns:

Dr. Armstead will listen to your reasons for visiting and ask questions to understand your symptoms, medical history, and specific issues.

📝 Examination:

Dr. Armstead will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, including a 4-view digital posture exam, range of motion testing, palpation of soft tissues, and a neurological and orthopedic examination.

💪🏾 Treatment recommendation:

Based on the gathered information, Dr. Armstead will create a personalized treatment plan using chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, soft tissue therapy, or other suitable interventions.

🎯 Report of findings:

In a subsequent visit, Dr. Armstead will discuss their assessment, treatment plan details, and goals. This will provide you with a clear understanding of your condition and the proposed duration of care.

Take the 1st step today by booking your initial consultation via the link in my bio!

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